3 Reasons to Start Manifesting Your Destiny

3 Reasons to Start Manifesting Your Destiny

Reason number 1, you're here, aren't you? No, but seriously, the first reason I'd like to point out, and probably the most obvious, is that you have some interest into the topic. Maybe you're looking to gain knowledge, or maybe you want to find a better way to manifest more successfully; but whatever reason that you are here, think of this as part of an opportunity that has been opened to you to, a door that has been opened.

Manifesting is all about having the desire so deep that you have released enough energy into the universe that has led you too exactly where you are right now. Would you agree that there are no coincidences? What about, would you agree that everything that has happened in your life is a coincidence of your own thoughts? Yes, even your existence. OK, stay with me here; that little, tiny tadpole that was you in your fathers nethers before it made it to your mother's egg, well that was you! Well let's say it was your light (a part of your consciousness) and the merging with the egg is what gave you the rest of your "self" your physical manifestation so to speak. Does that make sense? A deeper look into biology can help, but we won't head down that road just yet.

The point of the matter is that we manifest every day and all the time. We manifest the current existence that we are living right now. Circumstances and situations don't happen to you, you create them. Yes, I hate to inform you of this, but even the bad ones. Now again, I can go deeper into what manifesting is, how it works, and why you may be manifesting so many bad (or good) situations, but that's for another blog, let us focus and celebrate that you are here now.

The second reason is an extension of the first of course. Maybe your interest into manifestation is that you desire something that you don't have and can't seem to get it with just hard work and dedication, or maybe it just seems so out of reach that you feel that the only way to achieve it is to "wish" for it. It can also be that things are coming to you and you're not sure how it's happening, in one moment you're thinking of a job you'd like to have, and the next moment, you have the job. You're aware that you can manifest, but just not quite sure how it's happening.

Or quite possibly the opposite where you seem to have an endless stream of bad days and experiences and can't seem to get out of the rut. You always feel like you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the answer to the question you may be thinking, if you are manifesting this string of bad occurrences, the answer is yes; especially if you tend to constantly think about them, wonder about them, or brood over them. The good news is that with practice, patience, and active work that can be turned around.

The third, but definitely not the last reason is knowing the process. How in the heck does all of it work? The process is actually quite simple, it's getting out of our own way, letting go of fears, and putting in the work to achieve the goals that can appear to be difficult. Manifesting is really just allowing the universe to provide you with opportunities to reach the goal you're looking to achieve; the universe will not actually provide you with the actual gift, so acceptance is also very important, stepping out of your element, and being open to change and being able to see those changes is paramount. 

There are visualizations, affirmations, and gratitude exercises that can be conducted on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis to help you achieve these goals.

An in depth explanation into the beginners guide to manifesting can be found in the eBook on this website. The eBook can be printed, or even downloaded and worked on digitally. It is recommended to print it as physically writing down thoughts can be much more powerful than texting, typing, or digitally recording the information. 

Welcome to the first step of your journey on manifesting your destiny!


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