Why isn’t my manifestations working?

Why isn’t my manifestations working?

It’s been over a month and the 45 extra lbs. you want to lose are now 52 extra lbs. The smart and business savvy barista worker that you’ve connected with and thought you felt a connection with, now seems less interested. The side hustles that you've been working on to make some extra income, to eventually quit the job that you loathe, hasn't made you not even a dime. You've been working on your manifesting daily, completing your affirmations, giving gratitude, and visualizing what it would feel like to attain all that you are aspiring for. So why haven’t your manifestations ... well been manifesting?

There could be a couple of reasons for failed manifestations. I’m going to mention a few, but this will not be an exhaustive list and it’s not in any type of order.

  • Lack of comprehension
  • Unconscious thoughts of failure.
  • Lack of patience and/or lack of effort.
  • Not recognizing the universe's gifts.

Now that I’ve given you a few of the “why” it’s not working, let’s talk about how to get it to work. Be aware that this not for the thinned skinned, this information will be straightforward and to the point. You must be open to receive the information.

Lack of comprehension. Knowing how to manifest is more than just speaking affirmations, giving gratitude, writing goals and aspirations down multiple times, and then having the intention for it to happen. Manifestation goes much deeper than that. One aspect to comprehensively be aware of is the 12 Laws of the universe, it is important to be in alignment with how the universe stays in balance, and what I mean by that is all “things” or “everything” from the largest whale to the smallest measurable organic material follows certain laws.

Now, can a universal law be broken? Yes and no; let me explain. What happens is something goes against a universal law and then the universe corrects what’s out of balance; let’s take cancer for an example, cancer is an entity that does not abide by universal law, in the sense that it does not give back what it takes from. Most cancers usually start off as a normal cell, some type of interference happens and causes that normal cell to malfunction, instead of dying it continues to take, grow, and multiply. Everything must die (physically) to give back and everything must go through a cycle; these are the Laws of Rhythm and the Laws of perpetual transmutation of Energy. So once the cancer transmutes and begins to take and take, it is defying universal laws, unfortunately what happens for balance to come into place, is the body begins to have to give what isn’t received from the malfunction cell. The body begins to deteriorate in the place of the cell.

Now I know that was an extreme and grim example, but it is a necessary one. Knowing the significance of the laws allows us to comprehend the balance of the universe, and how we can contribute to that balance. It also lets us comprehend another aspect; the cancer cell did not manifest out of thin air, the malfunctioning of the cell is a product of other energies that are also out of alignment with universal law but going deep into that is for another blog.

During manifesting, we tend to only look towards what we’re trying (or going) to receive. It’s also important to give. This is where gratitude comes into play, yes, it’s great to give thanks daily, but it’s just as important, if not more, to show thanks. This can easily be done with “being in the moment.” Thought is energy, so being in the moment and thinking how wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, and great the universe is, can have a magnitude of an effect. It’s imperative to actually be in the moment and to sense what’s around you with all senses to be grateful of that moment. If this concept seems difficult for you, then genuinely be active in showing thanks through acts of gratitude. Helping someone in need, paying it forward, the universe senses these acts and will recognize them as well.

Unconscious thoughts of failure. More than most, people have what’s called “self-dialogue” this is when you have an inner dialogue with yourself, or “talk to yourself”. Of course, this is much different than hearing voices in your head (or outside of yourself). Self-dialogue is when you are assessing a situation or trying to decide. Maybe you’re on the fence about something, and are not sure which choice you should make, so you begin to weight the pros and cons. For example, you wake up and are preparing to head to the gym, but yesterday was leg day and your quads are burning, it even hurts to stand up and sit down. So, you begin to have a conversation with yourself, maybe telling yourself “Damn, my legs hurt, I do not feel like going to the gym today. It’s only one day, I can make it up tomorrow.” Then maybe on the other hand you also say to yourself, “But if I miss today, my whole schedule will be off, and they’ll still hurt tomorrow.” While self-dialogue can be a good thing, straddling the fence, or being indecisive puts the same confused energy out into the universe. Remember, the universe does not “know” what it is you want, it only knows what energy is being put out. If you are straddling the fence, then it will straddle it with you. Be concise in your thoughts, don’t allow negative thoughts to invade your mind. Meditating is a good practice to start to mitigate these thoughts. Even if it is a 1–2-minute breathing exercise. The importance of the meditation is to alleviate the thoughts. Replace the negative thought with positive thoughts only. “My quads are burning from that workout I had yesterday, which means the routine I’m using is working. Time to get pumped up again today to keep that same energy going.” It’s ok to recognize the sensation you may be dealing with, weather it be pain, sadness, or anger, but don’t dwell in the moment and allow it to become a perpetual feeling.

Lack of patience and/or effort. These two more times than not go hand in hand. You may be putting in a lot of effort but don’t see immediate results to then begin to lose patience, or you may begin with little patience looking for immediate results and when not achieved decide it’s not worth the effort. Without either, receiving the gift the universe has for you is null and void. The universe does not recognize time; time is a construct that we have fabricated to measure moments and distance. But within the universe, everything is simultaneous happening all the time (I know, I know, more on that another time). So, patience is key, and effort is imperative. Be aware of what you are manifesting, but don’t set out a time frame of expectations. Now, this does not mean you can’t set a time frame for a goal you want to reach but be flexible. For example, let’s say you’re trying to lose that 45lbs in 90 days, if day 80 is approaching and you’re only at 27lbs, it is not a failure. There still may be some things that you need to achieve to accurately manifest your goal. Be grateful and give gratitude for what you have so far achieved and the gifts that the universe has given you.

Not recognizing the universe’s gifts. This one is a good follow up to the last one because there are times when we are impatient and/or not putting in effort because we have not recognized what the universe is giving us to manifest. I mentioned in my last blog that the universe does not give you what you want, the universe only opens doors and give opportunities for you to achieve whatever it is that you want. Again, using the same example, you wanting to lose 45lbs in 90 days, you have an old friend, or co-worker strike up a conversation with you about a weight loss plan they want to try. This is the universe giving you an opportunity to have accountability and support. Or maybe your refrigerator goes out and all your food spoils and you must replace everything, this may be the universe making you aware that what you have currently isn’t right for your new weight loss plan. Its crucial to be acutely aware of your daily ongoings and your surroundings once you’ve begun the manifestation process.

So now that you’ve got your head back in the game, don’t give up and don’t give in. Keep that manifesting routine going and know that with time, patience, and practice so shall it be.

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