All it takes for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing???

All it takes for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing???

By definition

Good = beneficial/able to provide

Repent = to shun and turn away from unbeneficial behavior and actions/to change

Temple = a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence/each of the paired lobes of the brain lying beneath the temples, including areas concerned with the understanding of speech.

Fool = trick or deceive (someone); to dupe/a person who acts unwisely or imprudently

 Slang/ colloquialisms · idioms · patois · argot · cant · dialect · jargon · terminology · rhyming slang · back slang · lingo · geekspeak · -speak = a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people/attack (someone) using abusive language

(Latin)Temet Nosce = Know Thyself

Common Sense = Sight, Smell, Hearing, Tasting, and Touching/Feeling

I will begin with a brief explanation of what the acronym W.O.L.F.L.O.W. means. Way Of Life Forever Learning Only the Word & Way Of Life Forever Leaning On the Word. Proverbs 6:16-19 I have heard many people utter the title of this post, and can only ask if they do nothing, then are they good? I have my own quote which is, "Waiting until you are dead to realize that you are living in some fools warped sense of paradise, isn't as funny as it sounds!!!" Being tricked into believing unbeneficial behavior for the benefit of an single entity, or sect is an extremely wicked act, in my own opinion. Like telling someone from birth that they are something they are not, in order to remove suspicion of their own choosing of wrongdoings. In that I reference John 5:18-19 and Revelation 21:8. I have read an entire dictionary once, and regularly skim through it to fully familiarize myself with building my temple to The Creator. The more languages I learn, and apply the definition to the words and remove all slang, it exponentially increased my awareness and perspective of my environment. I heard a comedian use a play on words of saying that reading is Fun To Mental(fundamental).  

Now when I began developing W.O.L.F.L.O.W Reiki, I had to organize my thoughts on how to convey the best way possible to allow practitioners to connect the dots that all religions are designed to increase the knowledge of the practitioner. Like the previous post where I stated that perfection is an unobtainable illusion placed before you to invoke the desire to always practice because it makes perfect. From my own comprehension, each religion is simply training regiments to help a person to heal themselves and become good people. The only difference is, is must be done in totality, not with certain acceptations. Imagine the amount of anger that welled up within me when I began to realize how I had been allowing others to manipulate me into learning unbeneficial thoughts and behaviors. When I read the book of Job, I placed myself in Job's position and began to inquire the words and topics The Creator asked of him. That research became invaluable to me; and the comprehension of who I AM versus who I was told that I was. Realizing that there is a substantial difference between what and American is by definition and what a Black/Ethiopian is by definition, allowed me to begin to learn about myself. When I learned what Mazaroth is, I looked into my own and learned I have three fire natures, and it came as no surprise to me the sensation of a fire enveloping my heart from anger. 

Ironically, I learned that seeking vengeance would only attribute to greater calamity. Though I AM still angry, I chose to use my anger to start working on providing assistance and guidance to anyone wanting to better themselves and their family. Healing and forgiveness goes hand in hand and is the only way to bring about the most effective solution to the dilemma of societies current drama that has been playing out for far too long. We are on a carbon based plane of existence, and carbon is not a substance of darkness nor malevolence, it is actually a conductor of light, as well as a source of sustenance for all plant life, as well as the assistant to the light dependent functions of photosynthesis for plants to act as both filters for the ecosystem of this entire plane of existence, as well as providing sustenance and medicinal balancing in addition to providing the oxygen we breath. Genesis 1:29 Selenium is another superconductor of light, which is another highly beneficial element in the assistance of conductivity of the CNS (Central Nervous System) The irony of everything becoming health conscious since this recent outbreak of this virus incentivized me to share what I can to those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. 

In summation, Jesus (I identify as DNA) says "I did not come to do away with the law, I came to fulfill it!!!" Matthew 5:17 And with that I say be healthy and work towards assisting with creating a healthy environment and ecosystem for everyone's benefit. Revelation 22:9  Do not worship me! I AM a servant of The Creator, just like you and your brothers the prophets, as well as all who obey what is written in this book. Worship The Most High Creator!!! & John 10:10 The thief/devil comes only to kill, steal, and destroy!!! Deuteronomy 31:7

Jesus did not die for your sins! He died because you sinned!!! Stop sinning!!! Matthew 18:9 & Mark 9:47 If your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell!

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