Happiness must be created for it to exist

Happiness must be created for it to exist

The words:

Revelation means something unknown is revealed.

Apocalypse means final destruction of a world.

Meat means food

I hear many people say they are happy, yet their bioelectrical/toroidal field conveys the contrary. The human body's bioelectrical field is directly influenced by the Central Nervous System/CNS, so as a man thinketh, so shall he be. That field of energy is always clouded with sadness and toxicity. Ironically, the innervation of the organs of these carbon-based lifeforms that we assume upon entering the Earth plane of existence, is how the body's field of energy is generated. I have inadvertently acquired the awareness of this field of energy due to the many nerve conduction tests I have had the unpleasant luxury of enduring. This is a parting gift from the young Mann who died in the incident, while serving time in the U.S. Marines Corps. that resulted in the scar shown in the featured image of this post. When I took consciousness of this vessel, my face was cover in blood as I sat on the side of a roadway bleeding to death. Though I was in the middle of a desert and the temperature was upwards of 114 degrees Fahrenheit, I had to stare into the Sun to maintain warmth of this vessel due to the immense blood loss that resulted from the lacerations of the arteries. Incidentally, I also have a cubed shard of glass still imbedded into my scalp that has been with me well over 25 years. 

During the months of recuperation, I was compelled to sit down and read the entire bible from cover to cover. An event that transpired in the civilian hospital I was kept at immediately after the injury, then later transferred to a military hospital, is what was that compelling factor. When I finished reading Revelations, I was taken aback and required quite some time to process and digest what I had ascertained from the reading. I needed to comprehend some things and it started in asking myself: who, what, where, when, how, and most importantly, whY AM I here? After having an MRI scan and several nerve conduction tests were completed, it was decided without my consent that I was to undergo a nerve graft that removed a nerve from my right leg to replace my median nerve in my left forearm. Incidentally, the graft left me with a empty sensation in my right heel. The lack of sensation in that foot has resulted in many falls downstairs when I was a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, which also exacerbated the trapped nerve in my cervical spine, which was also injured in the incident. So, I AM quite aware of my CNS, as well as the generational fields of energy involved with it. Those nerve conduction tests were grueling to endure, but I learned a great deal of information about the conductivity of the nervous system due to it. That was this vessel's previous consciousnesses Apocalypse.

In the B.I.B.L.E., one of the main things that stands out that Jesus (I will give my explanation of Jesus in the book I AM currently writing on W.O.L.F.L.O.W. Reiki) states two things. One must repent and be born again; John 2:23 - 3:21, John 14:12-14 Jesus says these things I do, you should do, and more. That stood out to me loudest as I was reading The Revelation of John. From there it occurred to me that in order to create happiness, One must obtain knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence, which are what I pray to acquire during my nearly 13 minute long prayer I recite religiously. When I AM finished reciting it, I AM completely saturate in sweat, and feel like I just completed a Physical Fitness Test for the Marines Corps. all over again. On a side note, it is how I showed my wife for the third time how it only takes five months to lose over forty pounds, without any running, jumping, flipping, kicking, or any other strenuous behavior. Going from the 216 pounds I weighed when I wrote the first blog back in December of 2020, to the previous post: "If you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem"! I now weigh 173 pounds, which is only 5 pounds over my weight when I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps as a teenager. As I stated in that post, I have sustained a great deal of injuries, and I have no desire to have my children pity my existence, nor have to care for me, instead of caring for them and educating them on two of the 4 acronyms I use for the word B.I.B.L.E. The first acronym is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and the second Being In the Business of Life Every day. In Mathew 5:17 Jesus states that he did not come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it. Genesis 35:11, The Creator/Kos Ikbi/Anki says to be fruitful and multiply. As I subscribe to Ephesians 6:1-4. 

I have a 10-inch scar on my left arm that resembles a sword to me, which Mathew 10:34 states. My sword is my words, which upon the principle of the pen is mightier than the sword, I am employing both. With the knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence I work feverishly to attain through faith in The Word, I wish to also acquire freedom, justice, and equality in this business endeavor, which within the Constitution of the United States of AMERICA, as well as every state within the union, that All Men have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. In 1601, King James came to America, then returned to England to which the Patent for the Corporation of the United States of America was established in 1603. While he studied during his tenure to America, he learned and translated the Bible from the Latin vulgate into English, and later published it in 1611. Many people began flocking to America with the intent of establishing religious freedom and liberty. The liberty to do as thou wilt, was signaled as not being sanction by The Most High Creator by the cracking of the Liberty Bell, when they tried to ring it. Essentially saying that you are not at liberty to be unhealthy/unholy. 

Thanks to my paternal grandparents, I learned a great deal of information on self-sufficiency and self-sustainability, but like everything, it requires hard work. Which along with many other life skills my previous self/dad taught me about fishing, gardening, and carpentry. It is also through researching with and about my family (thanks to my wife for accompanying me on the long road trips to visit and talk with my family because I would not have been able to do so with my aversion to driving cars.) It is where I learned of my Chahta heritage, as well as my Tsalagi/Cherokee heritage from my maternal lineage. Knowing that I AM an American by birth, I began learning to speak American languages, starting with Chahta and Tsalagi, which I have created a language learning program with the help of my wife that allows me to teach my children multiple languages simultaneously. I AM currently teaching them four languages so that they have a foundation of their own to build upon, as I earlier referenced from Ephesians 6:1-4. So, food, clothing and shelter are what I had to learn how to create and acquire on my own, as Mathew 4:19 states, I have become a relatively decent fishing angler. Genesis 1:29 taught me that I need to learn how to forage for the wild food that The Creator originally made to heal the nation. (Yet incidentally, the devil will tell you to spray herbicide poisons to kill the food to fix your body, while supplying consumers who shop at the grocery store toxic produce laced with poisons and unethical growing methods) My grandmother taught me how to sew, and my grandfather taught me to establish my own business. Through that I wish to build with the love of My Family to then be able to create peace and happiness for us all. 

It is my fullest intent, to which I AM willing to give my life for, to attain a substantial quantity of land to build a community of likeminded individuals/family members as the Commandment states to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  I have the fullest intent to build and create a holistic center to help any and all who are seeking help with obtaining health. For as I always say that no one can be healed nor healthy, if the ecology of their environment isn't healed nor healthy. 

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