If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem!!!

If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem!!!

By definition:

  • Religion = training regiment.
  • Spirit = Breath
  • Gospel = good news
  • Faith = knowledge that training is beneficial
  • Belief = what you think, speak, and physically do
  • Holy = healthy
  • Sin = forget/ignorance/untrained/uncouth


     I have, as of late, been inundated with the expression of living my best life. Many of these people have very little education, nor training. Their physical appearance denotes lack of training due to the majority of them being morbidly obese. When I ask about any of the topics conveyed in any of the books in the featured image (above), they are completely oblivious of the majority, if any of the information. I then ask, how can you live your best life, if you don't know things to utilize that would ultimately make your life and health, better? One excuse I have encountered frequently is, "You have to die from something!" The only comprehension of 'di' that I have, is pronounced dice as a plural. Dice are to be cast out to determine which symbol will show. So, is it possible that what people assume is death, is actually their spiritual presence being cast out, or sent somewhere else? If that is the case, then there is no such thing as death. You simply go somewhere else.

     According to many sources, and more importantly, my own personal experiences, I have learned that it is simply moving from one place, to another. I do not purport to know everything, which is why I constantly read, research, and experiment with the knowledge that I acquired to practically apply it to the life of myself and my family. From graduating high school (system is a joke), becoming a U.S. Marine, lifelong endeavor of studying martial arts, and later being medically retired as a postal worker, I have sustained a great deal of injuries. With all the injuries I have sustained over the four decades and three years, I have read and studied many alternative methods of continuing some form of training to continue to improve upon myself and become better. When I began fully applying spiritual training to my life, it allowed me to gain more control over what has transpired with my physical health in totality. It initially began when I began my training in Usui Holy Fire Reiki II, where I received my attunement in levels one and two. It was only after several years of personal study and practice that I later obtained my Master attuning in 2020, while my wife was in massage therapy school. It is said that practice makes perfect, but I have learned that perfection is an unobtainable illusion. It is something merely placed before you to encourage oneself to continue to train all the days of their life because they also say that the more you know, the more you grow. I have applied the principle that I will always be an infant by comparison to The Most High Creator, so the only thing I know to look forward to and pray for is to gain knowledge, acquire wisdom, as well as the intelligence to practically apply all knowledge to my life. That is my faith and belief in my religion. It is how I created W.O.L.F.L.O.W. Reiki.

     On an end note, I have read the King James Version of the bible from beginning to end, and during a week long hospital stay in 2016, I reread the new testament, before going back through the old testament again, as well as many other apocryphal books. One of my favorite so far is the Cave of Treasures. With that, I wish to conclude that upon learning who, what, where, when, how, and most importantly Why Jesus (only a name used to reference someone and something specific, which I will give the fullest detailed explanation of him in my book on W.O.L.F.L.O.W. Reiki) was killed/sacrificed not for your sins, but because you sinned! I openly admit that I do not physically know everything at present, so I AM in a state of sin of my own accord. So I can not cast any stones, only seek to help whomever I can along my journey in life. 

     Incidentally, I AM currently seeking an apprentice to train in W.O.L.F.L.O.W. Reiki. I have someone specific in mind, but if another suitable candidate arrives before the other individual is convinced of their prime suitability, then I may train them in their stead, but they must be willing to learn a great deal of information and make it their lifelong commitment to practice unceasingly.


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