Just some advice to share

Just some advice to share

I have begun to employ more of the principles conveyed in written spiritual texts, and wish to extend assistance to anyone who may be dealing with thoughts of suicide, or having issues with sleep paralysis, or shadow creatures! I have been in a situation where I chose to employ the verses Matthew 18:9 & Mark 9:47 to prevent myself from doing physical harm to people that chose to threaten my life and family, as well as other nefarious actions that I became fed up with!!! I was so enveloped in anger that I began to blur the lines between right and wrong within my thoughts. I chose self sacrifice versus having my children go through life having known their dad killed a bunch of people, even if it was self defense! The method I chose to end my life still has me dumbfounded on how I survived, but I also had someone come get me and saved my life, and gave me a way to help people. I AM eternally grateful for The Creator sending his Word to me in that moment, and why I no longer fear any Evil!!! I will not delude anyone by saying that it is easy to overcome these issues. It will be one of the most difficult things you will have to do for the rest of your life, but you will find strength in simply doing the work like and as a exercise routine. I know this because it is nearing the 5 year anniversary of the day I committed to that act of self sacrifice. As it nears, I fight to work past it like anyone else would. It is a constant struggle to maintain my focus on the work at hand of creating something beneficial for all my children, whether they are with me, or not!!! Also, if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wish to not rely on pharmaceutical products to manage your issues, I can assist with spiritual exercises and information that has proven to remove all dependency on pharmaceutical drugs!

W.O.L.F.L.O.W Reiki

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