The Importance of Acceptance

The Importance of Acceptance

     By definition, the word acceptance means: 1) the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered., 2) the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group., 3) agreement with or belief in an idea opinion, or explanation., *willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation.

     So why is acceptance so important? From my own perspective, which is predicated upon practical application of the principles of the scientific method to my objective observation of life, everything in existence is predicated on give and take. What a mouthful, right? From the compounds that are formed in chemical reactions, cellular replication/division, or the effects generated through causes and actualizations. The result is a realization of either a positive or negative outcome or experience. The mindset of an individual during any experience will affect how they perceive any event. If skepticism is involved, rejection of the experience is usually the outcome. As per the definition of the word acceptance, I have learned that it is pertinent to adequately and suitably explain my conveyances to my audience. That also requires that I be aware of my audience's perspective views, and unfortunately, their education. I had to accept that because I exuded extreme fervor to seek the highest form of expression of my conversations, that I then had to accept that not everyone subscribed to that ideation. After constantly being told to, "Dumb things down," or "I need a dictionary to talk to you," and my personal favorite is the deer in headlights expressions accompanied with the roaring sound of crickets. Do you know how weird it is to hear that many crickets in the middle of the day? I eventually became reclusive due to my ineffectual way of exchanging dialog. It was even more difficult to figure out how to convert my explanations through the different passions of my individual audiences. I have much to practice in order to continue to fluently engage all audiences with savior faire. Just like doctors are always practicing medicine, or lawyers practicing law, acceptance is a practice. If something is never practiced, there can be no development in skill. Ask any professional athlete whether or not they practice or train. W.O.L.F..L.O.W. Reiki is based on those two principles alone. Practice and acceptance. 

So let us look at things that are unconsciously accepted. The air, water and food you consume, health and lifestyle. When you look at these five things, and place your awareness upon them, a question I would ask is, "Are you at your best?" I whole heartedly subscribe to the principle that the only thing constant in life is change, and in that it is especially important to know thyself (TEMET NOSCE). In regards to your knowledge of spirit and how it predicates health, could a questioning on par to the position Job was in, be answers that you are capable of providing for yourself? 

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